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Birthday + Hairdo

How's it going? We're doing pretty good, makin the most of it. Octavian turned 3 years old. My baby boy. + I cut my dreadlocks off, now I feel like a grown up. About time, huh? 

(Pictured Above: Mommy's new hairdo + Oc turned 3)

(Pictured Above: Octavian's Birthday Cupcakes)

"Mama Tuck's Squash - Carrot Cake" (I used 3 cups carrots + 1 cup squash) I used these 2 recipes as guides:


(Pictured Above: Cinnamon Buns)

I used this recipe, sans the raisins:

(Pictured Above: Fresh Pumpkin Pie)

(Pictured Above: Fresh Pumpkin Pie)

(Pictured Above: Aftermath of the Pumpkin Pies)


(Pictured Above: More Aftermath)


(Pictured Above: Super yummy biscuits)

(Pictured Above: Blueberry wheat waffles)
I used this recipe:

(Pictured Above: Banana Muffins)
Let me know if you try any of the recipes!
Keep it Knitty!
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